Environmental Policy

Acrodata is committed to ensuring that current and future generations enjoy the benefits of a clean and healthy environment and we operate our business accordingly.

We understand the need to utilise our existing assets and provide consulting solutions to our clients in an environmentally friendly manner.

Acrodata is committed to:

1. Action in environmental management;
2. Careful use of natural resources;
3. Wise and efficient use of energy;
4. Reduction in pollution;
5. Minimisation of waste.

We achieve these objectives by:

1. Continual improvement and review of this Policy;
2. Implementation of objectives and targets supporting the Environmental Policy;
3. Integration of environmental considerations into planning and executing new projects.

Acrodata is taking action on climate change by working with Climate Friendly to measure and offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with our business. Our footprint is calculated annually by an external auditor. We then invest in renewable energy carbon credits.