Digital Preservation

Digital Preservation has been an issue for libraries, museums and archives since the advent of the digital age. The rapidity of technological change has long caused headaches for such institutions with regards to both hardware, software and storage. This is now increasingly seen as an issue for the private sector with a predicted 25 fold increase in the amount of digital information held by commercial sector over the course of the current decade.

"It's not my job to do records" - what every government employee needs to know

As an information and records manager, I have heard many public servants utter a sentence similar to the one above. In fact, a significant part of my role as a records manager in government was helping people in the agencies I worked for understand their roles and responsibilities for records. I first did this in Defence, then two NSW State Government agencies, and now Tasmania – and the conversation is generally the same.

When did you last develop a Retention & Disposal Schedule?

RDS Image

Chances are this may have either occurred a number of years ago, or perhaps never. Let's start by asking a few questions:

It Takes A Village

takes a village

Step 1 of Organisational Change – It Takes A Village.

With all the experience you may have in delivering projects – you know you are in trouble when only one person has a leadership role for the people side of the change.

In this interview Leo Wilson outlines the importance of the 'villagers' and the role that they play in ensuring the success of organisational change.

Benefits of Cloud Projects

cloud projects

In this Podcast John Groom and Leo Wilson discuss transitioning to the cloud.