What we do - helping businesses manage their information

Acrodata is a multi-award winning, Tasmanian-owned and operated provider of records and information management solutions. Established in 2006, we provide digitisation, information security, advisory services and cloud solutions to government, professional services and corporate sectors.

Every organisation is faced with the challenge of storing, protecting and accessing its critical corporate information. Our sole purpose is to provide solutions to meet that challenge.

What we achieve - improved organisational efficiency

Acrodata has become leaders in the field of records and information management by offering clients solutions which:

  • Streamline workflow
  • Consolidate information security
  • Minimise resource wasting; and
  • Improve overall operating efficiency.

In 2012 these efforts were recognised when Acrodata won Best ICT Service Award at the Tasmanian ICT Awards evening.

What we stand for - culture

At Acrodata we have worked hard to create a positive culture. We aim to solve clients’ problems, and at the same time provide a vibrant and caring environment for our staff. Our philosophy for achieving success is to work hard, have fun and be a profitable business.

Acrodata Mission Statement


Our records and information management experts:

  • Steve Ktori – Managing Director
  • June Percey – Legal Services
  • Daniel Mason - RIM Advisor
  • Trish Wichmann / Coral Matcham - RIM Advisors
  • John Groom - Director Special Projects
  • Kara Schwab - Digitisation Services
  • Daniel Hocking - Systems Manager