Acrodata emerges as Tasmania’s leading information management specialist.

Acrodata has always been a proudly Tasmanian owned and operated business in information management from 2006 until today.

Today the ownership has changed and Acrodata becomes another crucial business interest of the Fuji Xerox Business Centre Tasmania (FXBCT).

This Tasmanian heritage will continue as Acrodata Tasmania Pty Ltd and FXBCT assume control and transition and re-position Acrodata as the outright leader in specialised document and information management to the Tasmanian local, national and International organisations it serves.

Acrodata and FXBCT will promote a holistic document management strategy that links the islands of information that exist in most organisations today so as to avoid the costly errors that occur through missing or lost company information. New solutions will seek to re-utilise existing office hardware, software and communications in organisations to create a Content Management capability that will ensure that these isolated islands of information are no longer isolated.

Where archival storage is painful for most SMEs and Government businesses, Acrodata can now ensure that these organisations very lifeblood, their knowledge and IP are archivally stored and managed in whatever is the most appropriate manner.


As Acrodata has been acquired by the Fuji Xerox Business Centre Tasmania, (FXBCT) it ensures Acrodata remains wholly Tasmanian owned and operated with the heritage, financial acumen and business governance required to provide Tasmania with cost effective and modern solutions to knowledge management.

Acrodata has moved into a purpose built Document Repository and Conversion Centre at Mornington. The Mornington site provides the first state of the art Repository of its kind in Tasmania. The site was recently approved to undertake the high security scanning and data capture for the Federal Election and was approved to undertake this task by the Federal Government. The site itself was nominated as the most secure and efficient site, in all of Australia, testament to the facilities provided.

The Mornington facility has all the features you would expect and demand in a professional archive service.

  • Capability for redundancy, via alternate providers of NBN.
  • Power back up and protection of essential services.
  • A site capable of up to 50 data entry workstations.
  • Secure, independent storage sections for client specific applications.
  • Security Card, computer controlled access to all sections with appropriate User access.
  • Substantial video monitoring with 24 hour surveillance of all work and storage areas.
  • Specific Document preparation and scanning areas.
  • Barcode tracking of document and data movements.
  • Pallet storage and movement all within the Archive Building itself.
  • Racking for IT Hosting and Support services.

Acrodata operational management remains the same, with Steve Ktori as the manager of Operations and most current Acrodata staff are moving across with us.

Steve has been worked in Information Management for 15 years and has overseen the digitalization of over 30 million documents from the majority of Tasmanian state government departments, local councils and numerous other organisations in that time.

A Document Management expert, Phill Dance has recently joined Acrodata, effectively providing in excess of 50 years of Document Imaging and Content Management experience.
Phill commenced his career servicing Hobart on behalf of Kodak Imaging Division back in 1976. Phill went on to provide his Imaging experience to one Company, that essentially changed ownership over 30 years from HPA to Kodak, to Salmat and finally as Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions and now finally to Acrodata/FXBCT, with all the exciting synergies that his experience offers our Tasmanian customers.

The transition of Acrodata and relocating to these new premises most importantly provides a state of the art archive and work space that is unequalled, certainly in Tasmania.
Acrodata can provide new and innovative Document Imaging and Content Management technologies as well as the systems and services required to make it all happen.

Why did Acrodata need to Transition?

So you, our clients, can make the most appropriate business decisions, on your Document management requirements. Any new solutions must ensure the lifeblood of your operations, your knowledge bank is ready so you may take action and make sound decisions. Your knowledge bank and IP will be available and accessible for decades into the future. Scanning, Archiving, Data Room, copying are services that are closely linked to the new Document Management solutions today and FXBCT is the leader in Document solutions in Tasmania.

Digitising solutions, with Acrodata managing the content for you, is the new way to manage important records. Such as:

  • The new Acrodata facility is designed to house your essential records on their own specific and individually secure environment.
  • The only unique storage site in Tasmania.
  • Your records are stored in one unique space, your space. It isn’t space set aside in a general archive.
  • The use, storage and access of your records is designed specifically on your needs.
  • It’s not a general archive with everyone’s knowledge interleaved.
  • Access is specific to you!
  • It’s secure and your records are segregated.
  • Retrieval is encouraged through unique low cost, self-serve solutions.
  • Priority Retrievals based on image delivery alternatives.
  • Much lower cost than traditional Archive solutions.

It’s now your choice, how you store and retrieve your documents and important information so crucial to your business.

Acrodata will always strive to introduce technical enhancements and provide innovative solutions to our clients across the state.

We now operate out of secure offices at Mornington and Hobart CBD and are of course an equal opportunity employer.

We are White Ribbon Accredited, the only private business operation to achieve full accreditation in Tasmania.

We also are the only service provider to have six offices throughout Tasmania ensuring your needs can be met, wherever you conduct your business in Tasmania.

Acrodata, FXBCT and FXA clients have won multiple ICT service awards including 6x Gold Awards for Innovation and have established a very important reputation for being a reliable provider of records sentencing and document digitisation services within the Tasmanian and Australian Government circles.

Positioning Acrodata for Local Benefit

Acrodata remains wholly owned and operated in Tasmania by FXBCT.

TasX Pty Ltd (ABN 48 096 594 571) trading as the Fuji Xerox Business Centre Tasmania (FXBCT), has been the exclusive authorised Dealer for Fuji Xerox product in Tasmania since 1986.

The Fuji Xerox Business Centre Tasmania is a wholly owned Tasmanian Company which employs over 60 people and operates state wide.

The company is on a sound operational base as the financial reports indicate via turnover, growth and profit. Highlights of the financials indicate FXBCT and Acrodata are:

  • Profitable and Solvent
  • Financially Stable
  • Continual Growth Rate exceeding 10% per annum

We have offices in Hobart, Mornington, Launceston, Ulverstone and Burnie with a presence in Devonport.

Our parent company Fuji Xerox Australia (FXA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Xerox (Asia Pacific) Fuji Xerox as an international company has won many quality and environmental awards over the last ten years for their products. The Acrodata and Fuji Xerox Business Centre Tasmania has also won numerous awards for excellence in after sales / maintenance service to customers who have purchased these products. FXBCT has recently won the best Service division in Australia and the best performing Business in Australia for FXA.

We believe this transition provides a total service offering that will be the secret to our continued success by providing:

  • A new purpose built Archive and Conversion Centre,
  • High quality document management products and services from an international vendor,
  • An unswerving commitment to customer service supported by National awards,
  • A dedicated commitment to our community responsibilities such as White Ribbon,
  • An ever increasing proportion of new business, obtained by word of mouth from customers who recommend our services to others, and
  • A commitment to the highest quality of service and after sales support.
  • A sound, financially stable business providing the lowest risk.

Acrodata and FXBCT joint capability and experience

The services provided by FXBCT and Acrodata include;

  • Supply of MFD’s and Network Printers, crucial to any Document management solutions
  • Pre and post sales account management across all products and services
  • Pre-configuration, specification, transition plans, deliveries and installation of all solutions
  • IT department and end-user training
  • Remote monitoring and management of consumables, retrievals, hardware and software
  • Helpdesk and online support
  • Onsite technical support including labor, parts and consumables
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Administration, reporting and invoicing

FXBCT provide the same services to Fuji Xerox Australia’s large national accounts in Tasmania. These include Department of Health and Human Services, Australian Tax Office, Johnson and Johnson, Bendigo Bank and Officeworks.